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Unlocking Personal Finance to Achieve Financial Independence 7PM ET

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Tue, October 26, 2021
07:00PM - 08:00PM
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Ken Nigon

With many unexpected events that have recently transpired, there are growing interests and concerns about personal finance and impact on individuals' financial future. Are you preparing or prepared for your financial future? What do you need to know and do? Are you taking full advantage of your 401k and/or IRA options? How do you achieve financial independence?

Join the Stanford Club of Philadelphia for an interactive virtual panel discussion drawing from the speakers’ extensive and diverse backgrounds, sharing their relevant experiences on various personal finance topics such as how a 401k and/or IRA can fit within an individual’s overall financial plan, exploring the concept of financial freedom and taking the steps to get there. To jumpstart our discussion, we highly encourage attendees to watch the presentation by Professor John Shoven, Charles Schwab Professor of Economics, Emeritus, at Stanford University, hosted by the Stanford FLAN Group. Professor Shoven’s presentation can be found here: SHOVEN YOUTUBE PRESENTATION

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