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Over 500 class groups, clubs and online communities are listed below. Find a group of alumni who enjoyed similar Stanford experiences, or a group that's all about where you are in life now. Wait, why pick just one? Join as many as you'd like.

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Crothers Memorial Hall (of Fame) Alumni

Region: Global
Category: None
Members: 8 Members

Description: Present and former residents of Crothers Memorial Hall are welcome to join this group!

SLS Seattle Chapter

Region: Global
Category: Class Year or Program
Members: 252 Members

Description: This group provides social, intellectual, and professional opportunities for SLS alumni in the Seattle area to connect with each other and with the school. If you are interested in getting involved in this chapter, contact one of our chapter officers or SLS Alumni Relations. 

MSEE Class of 63

Region: Global
Category: None
Members: 1 Members

Description: Received MSEE in 1963

Viennese Ball alumni founders

Region: Global
Category: None
Members: 2 Members

Description: Founders of Stanford Viennese Ball

Stanford Alumni 1971 Junipero Hall

Region: Global
Category: None
Members: 3 Members

Description: 1971 alumni who were freshman in Wilbur Hall, Junipero House.

Stanford Dragonboat Alumni

Region: CA - Bay Area Peninsula
Category: Asian/Asian American, Health & Wellness, Hobbies & Interests, Student Activities
Members: 6 Members

Description: A group for all graduates who was a part of the Stanford Dragonboat team.

Beutelsbach XI

Region: Global
Category: None
Members: 15 Members


Stanford in Germany Gruppe XI lived and studied in Beutelsbach in 1963 and held a 50-year reunion at Landgut Burg in August 2013. Organizers included Randy Ireson ‘66, Doug Bruce ‘65, Judith Paesler Gregory ’66, and Sharon Fogleman Hockensmith ‘65. After three days in Beutelsbach and Stuttgart, the Group flew to Berlin where Bob Hamrdla led a three-day tour. Forty participants enjoyed the reunion of a lifetime! Bis auf ein hoffentliches Wiedersehen!

Alpha Phi Omega- Zeta

Region: Global
Category: Nonprofit, Hobbies & Interests, Student Activities, Volunteering in General
Members: 7 Members

Description: WELCOME. Alpha Phi Omega is a national, co-ed service fraternity that has set the standard for college campus-based volunteerism since 1925. We have active chapters on over 350 campuses, and we strive to help each individual member develop leadership skills, experience friendship on many levels and provide service to others. We here at Stanford represent the Zeta chapter.

GSB Indiana Chapter

Region: Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana (Not Chicago)
Category: None
Members: 87 Members


How to Get Involved in Our Chapter
This group is open to GSB alumni and students. If you are interested in becoming more involved in the our chapter, contact GSB alumni relations.

Young Alumni in Dallas/Fort Worth

Region: Texas (North)
Category: None
Members: 43 Members

Description: We have tons of young alumni in the DFW area but it seems we all struggle to get together on a frequent basis. Please join and eliminate this trend of isolation.

Graduates from the classes of 1999-2012 are are all welcome. If you're older you're welcome to join as well. This is how we will post events and stay in touch.

Seattle Young Alumni '08-'12

Region: Washington
Category: Young Alumni
Members: 89 Members

Description: Young Alumni of Seattle. Classes '08-'12

Online Learning

Region: Global
Category: None
Members: 55 Members

Description: Discuss the status, trend, technology used in online learning and online education.

GSB Beacon 2012

Region: Global
Category: Academics
Members: 22 Members

Description: This group is only open to those attending the 2012 Stanford GSB Beacon program. Beacon is a "Life Transitions Initiative," targeted at alumni who are moving from their primary careers to working for purpose. This inaugural program ran from August 19 - 23, 2012. Learn More

Stanford Club of Poland

Region: Global
Category: None
Members: 106 Members

Description: Welcome to the Stanford Club of Poland. The mission of the Club is to connect the Stanford community in Poland.

GSB Salt Lake City Chapter

Region: Utah
Category: None
Members: 164 Members


How to Get Involved in the Salt Lake City/ Utah Chapter
If you are interested in becoming more involved in the Salt Lake City Chapter or have an idea for an event, contact the Chapter Officers.

Chapter Officers
Melanie Robinson, MBA '08
Dan Might, MBA '10

Grant Calder, MBA '12
Jamie Lyon, MBA '14


Online Marketing

Region: Global
Category: Industry
Members: 47 Members

Description: Discuss all aspects of online marketing, including SEM, SEO, social, inbound marketing and website optimization.


Region: Global
Category: Industry
Members: 10 Members

Description: This is a group for everyone who has extensive experience with Google AdWords, either as advertisers or as someone who's worked on the product at Google.

Britain VII

Region: Global
Category: Overseas Studies
Members: 36 Members

Description: We are dedicated to celebrating friendships, sharing memories and planning future misadventures for members of our overseas group, their families and their friends.

GSB Southeast Asian Community - this group has been replaced

Region: Global
Category: Volunteering for Stanford, Industry, Asian/Asian American
Members: 44 Members

Description: This group has been folded into the GSB Asian Alumni Chapter. The GSB Asian Alumni Chapter is a network of GSB alumni of Asian background or those with a deep interest in Asian issues and has over 2,300 members. Please contact the GSB Alumni office if you have questions.

MBA 1982 30th Reunion Campaign Committee

Region: Global
Category: Volunteering for Stanford, Class Year or Program
Members: 2 Members

Description: Campaign Committee for the extradionary MBA class of 1982.
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