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Dispatch from Colombia: Nick Casey

Photo: Courtesy Nick Casey

By Diana Aguilera

“I find it really rewarding to have my scenery change as much as it possibly can,” says Nick Casey, ’05. “What’s attracted me to being a foreign correspondent is that I didn’t want to stop learning, and if the world is what you’re trying to learn from, it does provide you with infinite opportunities.”

Casey, the Andes bureau chief for the New York Times, covers much of South America, including Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Easter Island, from his home base in Medellín, Colombia. The Redwood City native says he was drawn to wandering while studying at Stanford, spending time in Egypt, Chile and England. A recipient of the Beagle II Award, which funds voyages of discovery for undergrads, Casey spent part of his senior year on islands in the western Pacific interviewing locals who travel between the islands of Micronesia by canoe using the stars as their guide. 

His work today offers him many moments like these—trekking along small encampments in the Amazon rainforest, discovering historic colonial villages in Colombia—that he says for him capture the essence of feeling alive and free.

Diana Aguilera is a staff writer for STANFORD.


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