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New Grad Gift Membership FAQs

What has changed?
Beginning with the Class of 2020, all new graduates will receive a lifetime membership as a gift from the Stanford Alumni Association (SAA)—no purchase required.
Why did this change happen?
Stanford University's long-range vision includes the presidential initiative IDEAL (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access in a Learning Environment). To further advance this initiative, while simultaneously supporting SAA’s mission of reaching, serving and engaging all students and alumni, SAA will provide the gift of a lifetime membership to all new graduates, starting with the Class of 2020.

By providing the gift of a lifetime membership, SAA will help ensure that all new graduates have the same opportunity to fully participate in and take advantage of SAA member benefits.
How can something that was expensive ($495 student life membership fee) now be available as a gift to all graduating students?
The university has implemented a number of changes to address issues of access and affordability, and SAA determined that a new approach to membership was needed in order to advance the university’s vision and ensure that all new graduates have access to the same opportunities, regardless of ability to pay.

SAA has been a member-supported organization since its founding in 1892, and membership fees have helped fund programs, services and opportunities for students and alumni. To fund this gift of membership for future graduating classes, SAA will look to additional income sources or make changes in other areas to offset the lost revenue from membership fees.
Do I have to do anything to activate my lifetime membership?
You do not need to take action to activate your lifetime membership. Your membership will be activated 6-8 weeks after your degree is conferred. If you do not see your newly activated membership, contact
What benefits are available to me as a new member?
You can view current member benefits on the membership page of the SAA website. Once your lifetime membership is activated, all the member benefits you see listed on that page will be available to you.
Am I eligible for a refund if I previously purchased a membership?
If you are a new graduate (who graduated in the class of 2020 or later) and previously purchased a membership, you are eligible for a full refund of your membership fees. The refund will be provided to the original purchaser. Contact to request a refund.
What happens if I don’t request a refund?
The fees originally paid for your membership will be used to fund SAA’s programs that are available to all students and alumni, including STANFORD magazine, alumni email, nationwide events like faculty speaker events, and time-honored traditions like Reunion Homecoming—meaning you help keep these programs alive for future generations of alumni.
Does the refund offer for paid memberships expire?
No, eligible paid members (graduates from the class of 2020 and beyond) may ask for a refund of a life membership purchase at any time, now or in the future.
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