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John Rick

John Rick fell in love with archaeology at the age of 6, while escorting his parents on a plant-hunting expedition to South America. Exploring desert mud-brick cities and visiting sites like Machu Picchu inspired a lifelong archaeological career. John joined the Stanford faculty in 1978, and most of his research has been on Peru. Prior to that, John received his BA in anthropology from UC Santa Cruz, and master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Michigan.

He has participated in archaeological excavations in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Illinois, Michigan, France, Peru and Mexico, and has done other archaeological work in Colombia, Panama, the Galápagos and Easter Island. He has studied early hunter-gatherers of the high grassland plateaus and was recently honored by the Peruvian government for his work in the Peruvian highlands at the early monumental site of Chavín de Huántar.

“John Rick is an amazing person, professor and archaeologist. He clearly, expertly and professionally pulled us into his world of archaeology and his love of Peru.”

Josie Scholz, Peru Suitcase Seminar, 2007


  • Joined Stanford faculty in 1978
  • Associated Professor of Anthropology, Stanford University

  • Author, "Chavín de Huántar: The beginnings of social complexity in the Andes."
  • Author, "Chavín de Huántar: Evidence for an evolved shamanism."
Academic History:

  • BA, Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz
  • MA & PhD, University of Michigan

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