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Galapagos Field Seminar

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September 12 to 25, 2022

Enjoy two days of on-campus workshops with Professor Bill Durham, ’71, before traveling to Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands to join his seminar on evolution and conservation with Stanford sophomores.

Compare notes. Unlike other Travel/Study trips, on a Field Seminar we travel alongside Stanford students, learning from their research and exchanging past and present tales of the Farm. Evolution of evolution. Few places on earth are as illustrative of biological evolution and adaptation as the Galápagos Islands. See the evidence that solidified Darwin’s concepts, as present today as when he voyaged there more than 180 years ago. A modern-day Beagle. Unlike in Darwin’s day, our expedition ship, the sleek 48-guest National Geographic Islander, is cozy and well-appointed with a variety of tools for exploration, ideal for cruising the Galápagos in comfort.

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Want to learn more? Check out our Galápagos Field Seminar video here.


 from $12,995 per person, double occupancy


William Durham
Anthropological Sciences

An enthusiastic and innovative educator, Bill's lectures cover ecology, evolution and the interactions of genetic and cultural change in human populations.

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