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Galapagos Expedition

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June 21 to 29, 2022

Join human biology professor Bill Durham on a voyage to the Galápagos Islands, one of the world’s only destinations where humans can venture within a few feet of wild animals in their natural habitat. 

Evolution examined. Witness the material evidence that solidified Darwin’s concepts, as present today as when the naturalist voyaged to the archipelago more than 180 years ago. Under the sea. Snorkel off the islands’ protected reefs amid iconic aquatic animals, including marine iguanas, sea turtles, seals, penguins and sea lions. Impeccable standards. Relax and enjoy the many amenities of our expedition ship, the National Geographic Islander, which is the perfect vessel for exploring the Galápagos Islands in safety and comfort.

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from $9,995 per person, double occupancy


William Durham
Anthropological Sciences

An enthusiastic and innovative educator, Bill's lectures cover ecology, evolution and the interactions of genetic and cultural change in human populations.

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