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Central Asia

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May 10 to 24, 2022

With former ambassador to Russia and political science professor Michael McFaul, journey from Uzbekistan, across the Caspian Sea to Azerbaijan, and into the mountains of Georgia and Armenia.

Smooth as silk. Explore the blue-tiled Silk Road oasis cities of Bukhara and Samarkand, filled with shady plazas, spectacular mosques, mausoleums, madrasahs (Islamic learning schools) and colorful bazaars contribute. Land of fire. Visit the stunning medieval palaces and elaborate 19th-century private residences in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, whose vast reserves of oil and natural gas have burned naturally across its landscape for millennia and contribute to the country’s enormous wealth. I’ll drink to that. Tour Georgia’s imposing cathedrals, admire the art in Tbilisi’s wonderful museums, savor delicious cuisine and robust wines, and experience the countless ritual toasts made at every Georgian feast. Cross to bear. Discover the importance of Christianity in Armenia, the first European nation to embrace it as a state religion, and understand how this informs every aspect of the country’s history.

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$10,495 per person, double occupancy


Michael McFaul
Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

Ambassador McFaul is a leading expert on Russia, American foreign policy and democratic development around the world.

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