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Unseen China

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September 10 to 23, 2022

Travel with former chief of the U.S. State Department’s China Division and Stanford research fellow Dr. Thomas Fingar to examine China’s foreign policy and explore some of the country’s less-visited wonders.

Great wall. Admire a variety of architectural styles including new skyscrapers in Shanghai, elegant pagodas at Yangzhou’s Slender West Lake and Longmen Grottoes, whose caves carved from limestone cliffs are one of China’s greatest Buddhist pilgrimage destinations. Raise the red lantern. Delve into Chinese culture at the impressive Nanjing Museum and explore the relationship between religion and martial arts with a visit to Zhengzhou’s Gong Fu (Kung Fu) training academy. The good earth. See the original Ming Tombs site and Sanxingdui, an archaeological site near Chengdu, whose discoveries have placed this region in a position of prominence in the hierarchy of China’s stone age civilizations, effectively rewriting the history books. The Manchurian candidate. In Nanjing, learn about China’s place on the world stage from the perspective of a Chinese university professor and hear about 19th-century Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, led by a man who proclaimed himself to be the second son of God and the younger brother of Jesus.


Thomas Fingar
Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies

Professor Fingar began his career as a China specialist, but after fifteen years of government positions, has developed a global portfolio, having been exposed to all countries and regions in his work.

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