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Spice Islands and Beyond

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November 25 to December 8, 2022

Cruise aboard the privately chartered Aqua Blu to snorkel and dive among the remote Spice (Molucca) Islands off the northwest coast of New Guinea and the Raja Ampat archipelago, a system of protected marine areas that harbors more than 75 percent of the world’s coral and fish species.

Dutch treat. Explore the colonial strongholds of Fort Amsterdam on the north coast of Ambon Island and Fort Belgica on the island of Banda Neira to learn about the 16th- and 17th-century spice trade. Rockin’ down the highway. Kayak through the blue pools of Koon Island, located on a marine superhighway—an ocean biophenomenon along which schools of fish migrate. The world below the brine. Snorkel, dive, swim and paddle in the waters off the pristine reefs of Misool, Wayil, Penemu, Pef and Dayang islands, observing their rich sea life. Inner sanctum. Discover the mysterious moon jellyfish lakes of the One Thousand Temples island group and sacred Tomolol Cave, a massive, water-filled limestone cavern draped in exotic orchids. A rare bird. Climb to the top of Wayag Island’s Mount Pindito to spot the colorful plumage of the Cendrawasih merah, or red bird-of-paradise, which is endemic to Raja Ampat.

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from $16,995 per person, double occupancy


Robert Dunbar
Earth Systems Science

Rob is interested in global climate change and how we translate scientific knowledge into better policies and practices to promote the sustainable use of the Earth.

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