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Powerful Presence: Harness your V/voice in your career and beyond (12:00 Pacific Time)

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Wed, August 18, 2021
12:00PM - 01:15PM
Virtual Event
Zoom, San Francisco CA 94117
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Rainbow Chen, '96, MA '97

Ever feel like people don’t really listen to you? or that you aren’t fulfilling your full potential? Learn how to be a powerful communicator and achieve your goals by mindfully incorporating specific strategies. As Vocal Awareness founder Arthur Joseph says, “Your Voice is your identity. It reveals everything about who you are and how  you show up in the world... Voice is a metaphor for life.”  Come hear seasoned career and relationships coach Rainbow Chen share an overview of Vocal Awareness principles to support your best life. This is open to Stanford alums, partners, and family.


This event is sponsored by the Stanford Club of San Francisco.

The event is limited to Stanford Alumni/Students.

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